Teacher with student at a tableAt UAMS Kids First, our goal is to create clinics where all children, parents, and their families feel welcomed and valued. Children participate in a program of developmentally challenging activities and supportive personal interactions planned to help their social, physical, emotional and intellectual development. All staff are responsible for working with children, parents, their important family members, and others in the spirit of teamwork and what’s best for the child.

Our philosophy is that young children develop and learn best when they have opportunities to:

  • Observe and be part of respectful, supportive and friendly interactions with adults and other children;
  • Use play to experiment, explore, learn, and grow alongside children of all abilities;
  • Eat healthy foods and be physically active;
  • Make choices;
  • And that families are:
    • Children’s first and most important teachers
    • The experts in their child UAMS Kids First supports a child and family-centered culture that includes children and families directly into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the care we provide.

Core Concepts of Family Centered Care:

  • All people are treated with respect and dignity.
  • UAMS Kids First staff and contractors communicate and share complete and clear information with families in ways that are supportive and useful.
  • Families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose.
  • Collaboration among families and providers is key for a child’s success.


What can you expect from us (our code of ethics)?

  • To be listened to, taken seriously, and respected as partner in planning your child’s treatment.
  • To have your family and child treated the same.
  • To participate in decision-making for your child at the level you choose.
  • To be always told the truth.
  • To have things explained to you fully and clearly.
  • To receive an explanation and apology if things go wrong.
  • To have information communicated to your child’s care team.
  • To have your child’s care provided timely and well documented.
  • To have these records made available to you if requested.
  • To be supported emotionally.
  • To receive high quality, safe care, by trained individuals